Advanced LED Grow Light are purposely designed to utilizy as light source the most recent technology of the high-power led-chip, that is, integrated circuits of lights emitting diodes. 

They accelerates the development of the culture, influence and stimulate the vegetative growth and the flowering of the plant, increase the productivity of pigments, resins, terpenes and active substances.

Compared to known technologies it has been obtained a greater photonic flux and total control of the light spectrum. The Grow Lights is also designed to recover the heat from the divverent sources and use it to warm up the greenhouse if needed.

AG Software allowes the monitoring and remote management of agronomic parameters, of production and logistic of protected cultures. This system is composed by an hardware, softwarethat is installed inside the greenhouse manageble by PC and smart devices. Thanks to this software and the Blockchain implementation it’s possible to monitor and managege an unlimited number of production areas everywhere in the world.

AG Instruments Management

  • Lighting of cultures: Choice of the photoperiod and the proportion between different photosyntethic wavelenghts, visible both grapgically and in percentage terms; PPFD setting (Photosynthethic Photon Flux Density), detected throught a sensor set at culture level. The intensity is automatically regulated relative to the variation of luminosity given by atmosheric condition and photoperiod exernal to the greenhouse.
  • Management of the Nutritive solution: Through this interface is possible to view, program and regulate the parameters of the nutritive solution: Composition (A+B+C+…*PH), Electrical conductivity (EC), Ph, Temperature, UV sterilization, Dissolved Oxigen (D0) and NS level.
  • Climate: Advanced management of enviromental parameters.
  • Resources: Management and control of data relative to water recovery, consumption/production of energy through renewable sources.
  • Irrigation: Advanced management of the frequency and flow rate of irrigation rounds. 
  • CO2 Carbon Fertilization: Management of all the settings relative to carbonic fertilization and automatic regulation of CO2 concentration relative to luminosity of cultivation areas.
  • Production: The interface gives back updated data on the size and advancement status of the culture, quality of the harvested product, stocked and sold.
  • Communication & E-commerce: Direct P2P communication platform, full management and track of every order directly connected to the warehouse. 

Thanks to the AI (artificial intelligence) that constantly learn and modify the forecasted growth’s model and Blockchain technology that sum up all the data from all the implants there will be costant improvement of efficiency and productivity.

AG LED Grow Lamp vs Known Grow Lamp Comparison

Average Market




PPF Photosyntetic Photon Flux
Average Market




Covered Surface
Average Market




Average Market





The Smartgreenhouse R&D department its constantly undertaking its own research and development activities focused on enhancing current technologies to obtain the best quality of every culture.
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