Smart Greenhouse

The most advanced greenhouse technology to grow your business.

We develop innovative and highly productive
greenhouse systems.

The project has been the winner of Umbria StartCup 2016 and finalist at National Innovazione Award 2016 PNI-CUBE of Modena. With our partner CNR-IBAF we are currently working with the aerospace program EDEN-ISS for the possible implementation of this technology in the space ( ).

Our patented LED lights and AG Software technologies bring innovation in the greenhouse segment for horticulture and plant nursery. This system allows the installation of high productive greenhouses, 100% remotely manageable thanks to the digital automation of the whole implant with (ICT, IOT, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence).

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

+ 20 %
Increase Production/Sq

The resources and space optimization allows the farmer to maximize the productivity.

+ 40 %
Implant Efficiency

The heat generated by our LED lights is autonomously managed by the AG software that will expel or reutilize for the conditioning.

- 30 %
Production Time

The production cycle is drastically dropped thanks to our technologies.


The only Italian farm that is able to grow hemps crops 365 days a year with more than 5 production cycles maintaining Premium quality. 


We design and build greenhouses for every need following the project step by step to best realize the customer expectations.

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